Webinar: Implementing a Customer-First Growth Strategy for SaaS

For this session, we’ve joined forces with Kustomer to share key lessons learned using a customer-first growth strategy to scale SaaS businesses. You'll get a first-hand look at the challenges overcome by Paddle and the results we've seen, plus an actionable framework for growing companies to adapt for your own organization.
Then we’ll delve into key actions on how to achieve customer-centricity by personalizing customer interactions, opening up more relevant channels of communication, and how to successfully arm your organization with the right technology which grows as you grow.
This webinar will run for about 30 minutes. 
You'll learn about:
  • Examples of customer-first growth strategy in action
  • An actionable customer-first framework for SaaS companies
  • Steps to implement scalable technologies for growth
  • Ideas on how you can personalize customer interactions with context on the right channels

About the presenters:

JDPJames Doman-Pipe is a senior product marketer at Paddle, sitting at the intersection of product, marketing, and sales. Working with technology companies that change the way businesses work, James is passionate about unifying business strategy with deep customer understanding.

KustomerAlex Gadd leads the Customer Experience team at Kustomer, which includes the Professional Services, Technical Support, and Customer Success departments. This means that his team is responsible for fulfilling the promise of the company with our customers – a responsibility that he takes very seriously.

Alex has 25 years worth of experience in Project Management, User Adoption, Customer Success, and Customer Experience overall, which has instilled a deep belief in the importance of relationships as the foundation for building lasting businesses.


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