On-demand Webinar: 3 Stage Action Plan To Reduce Churn For Software Companies

For this webinar, we’ve partnered with Churn Buster to bring a 3-stage action plan to software businesses looking to reduce short-term churn, passive churn issues, as well as achieving negative churn.
We’ve drawn lessons from some of Paddle’s high-growth software companies and have teamed up with industry experts Churn Buster to define involuntary churn, discuss where it comes from and why it matters when creating a sustainable future.
We'll then go through on how you can plug the holes in your buyer journey to reduce churn due to system and payment failures, and lastly how to increase your customer lifetime value and achieve negative churn.
This webinar will run for 30 minutes. 
You will learn about:
  • Four key actions to reduce churn today
  • how to reduce passive churn
  • steps to reach a negative churn
  • ... and many other tips

About the presenters:


Wahid Tashkani is one of Paddle's most senior Account Managers, working with dozens of million dollar software companies. With extensive experience working within the B2B tech and startup communities in Australia and Europe, he’s since then taken a large number of Paddle clients from their initial launch to over $1mil ARR in their first year of operation.

KristenKristen DeCosta is dedicated to educating companies and founders on the importance of customer retention and the dangers of ignoring churn. When she's not out here busting churn, you can find her hiking a mountain or pretending her three rescue pups can talk back to her. Follow her on Twitter (@KristenDeCosta) for retention tips and cute puppy pics. 


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