Report: SaaS Commerce Trends 2020
Industry insights into 5 growth levers to scale your company

We conducted a survey across hundreds of decision makers in SaaS companies based in the UK and Europe to bring you data-led insight into the 5 key growth levers that companies can take to succeed:

  • Moving Upmarket
  • Moving Downmarket
  • Expanding Internationally
  • Expanding your Product Suite
  • Optimizing Monetization

Whether you’re a small start-up selling to individual consumers or a scale-up selling to bigger business, there is always room for growth in the SaaS world.

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The big findings

Our independent research found that companies who’ve used between 3 and 5 growth levers over their lifetime tend to have a higher ARR growth rate than companies that have used 2 or fewer levers. 

So, what are SaaS companies prioritizing? 

Download the report and find out!


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